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The Dutch: a crash course on Dutch culture & (business) communication

Arriving in the Netherlands as an expat may initially feel overwhelming. Aside from being on unfamiliar grounds, there is a new language, culture and society to consider. Our one-day workshop therefore offers a crash course on Dutch culture & communication for English-speaking expats and internationals coming to work in the Netherlands. It will also highlight and delve into the differences as well as similarities between the Dutch and the English-speaking community.

The workshop will be given by one of our senior language trainers who arrived in the Netherlands 20+ years ago as an expat herself, and is experienced in cross-cultural communication in the workplace.

For who?

English-speaking expats that would like to get a head start when it comes to getting to know the Dutch culture.

Programme, the workshop will touch on the following topics:

  • Expressions
  • Education & kids
  • Style & tone
  • Travel
  • Humour
  • Influences
  • Communication
  • Habits & traditions
  • Cross-cultural misconceptions & changes
  • Food & hospitality